(Full Service): The Best deal Back to Normal Biotech Solutions has to offer. Our premium service
is a complete detail, custodial-cleaning, and disinfecting service. This option cleans your entire property
residential, commercial, and disinfects the entire establishment along with any vehicles. Our staff is fully
trained CDC/FDOH certified and insured. We only use the best EPA approved products for our
Electrostatic Spray Service. All of this is done with our top of the line Victory Innovational Systems. This
is the same technology used in the hospitals, airlines, sports complexes, and government agencies. The
Full service is the best and most affordable package because not only can the employees, employers,
and customers, put their mind at ease knowing they took the proper precautions to prevent the spread.
More importantly Back to Normal Biotech Solutions loves helping the local economy stay safe, healthy,
and open.

(Electrostatic Spray Service): This is a deep clean service that involves all our cutting-edge
technology spray systems without any custodial duties. This service is typically more emergency
responsive, especially if exposure has occurred. Back to Normal Shows up immediately for this to help
the family at need and keep the spread down to a minimum. We are well trained in outbreaks and
environmental cleaning. This service kills 99.9% of all viruses in one min. All organic, no wipe down, no
residue, no dyes, or bleaches. Furthermore, we do your vehicles at Back to Normal Biotech Solutions
LLC. People do not realize it is such a high touch and transmission area. We get your entire life clean
through our disinfection process.

(Auto Service): Back to Normal Biotech Solutions LLC can detail and disinfect your vehicle as a
complete separate service. As an example, it could be a leased vehicle that one of your employees was
driving that tested positive or a work truck. We are here for you to come to premises and clean one car
to an entire fleet with a detail service and Covid-19 Disinfection. Once our service is performed anyone
can feel comfortable getting behind the wheel after we get you Back to Normal.

(Remodeling): All of Back to Normal’s Remodeling services will be done through our partner company
Ocean Breeze Home Services LLC. This is a top-notch local company that can provide any remodeling
needs for any residential or commercial properties. Ocean Breeze Home Services is licensed and insured
company that offers quality work at the best price.


Our work does help prevent the spread of Covid-19